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Clearsound lightweight baffles dampen high end frequencies, greatly improve your drum mix, and make your kit ready for any rehearsal, show or service.

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    Ditch the ugly, heavy, bulky drum shield for our lightweight, easy to carry baffles.

  • Easy Setup

    Mount in minutes on a cymbal or mic stand, then position them at any angle!

Hayley Kiyoko

Sound Your Best, Everywhere

Clearsound Baffles reduce bleed from instruments into other nearby microphones on stage and naturally dampen the delicate high-end frequencies necessary to help vocalists cut through a live mix.
Whether it's rehearsal, live performance, in studio, indoors, outdoors, or at church, our baffles provide the best sound you can get.

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Perfect for Worship

If you're a church leader, your band needs to deliver a great mix without excessive high frequencies, ringing cymbals, and distracting noises. Clearsound Baffles give you just that, with equipment that is easy to store and setup.

Make sure your worship sessions focus on what's important, not the band's sound.

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  • Hayley Kiyoko

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